Camp David Kansas summer camps, for kids ages 8 to 16, are uniquely designed for at-risk children and youth. Children have a chance to just be kids as they participate in swimming, archery, games, arts and crafts, and more. However, our summer camps provide much more than just fun activities.


Children learn they are not the only ones with a parent in prison, or in foster care, and they interact with staff who had similar experiences growing up. In addition, there are classes which provide children with tools to make healthy choices, process grief, and realize their value and dreams. Children learn life skills including conflict resolution and anger management and have opportunities to increase their social and emotional development by participating in group activities, and connecting with God.

Camp David Kansas 2023

2023 Summer Camp Theme

Parents/Guardians- Check out these important papers for summer camp:

Children who attended Camp David’s summer camps have showed a significant increase in self-efficacy as well as an increase in social and emotional development. This brief sample of the positive remarks by campers and parents shows the power of Camp David’s camping program.


  • “Thank you for sponsoring for camp. I learned how to trust people. My favorite things were horses and free time.” – Makayla
  • “I learned that God is always with us and loves us. My favorite things were obstacle course and making friends.” – Darian
  • “What felt good was writing out the bad things that we did and bury them.” ~ Kahari & Samyra
  • “Each year she becomes a better person and learns more about the Bible. I am glad she is a part of this wonderful experience thru a difficult situation.” ~ Camper Mom, Thiquita
  • “I learned about overcoming evil with good. My favorite things were swimming and the What About It Class”- Yolanda
  • “I learned about teamwork and leadership. My favorite things were riding horses and having fun.” -Jabari
  • “I learned that it (parent’s incarceration) is not my fault. My favorite things were horses and archery”. – TJ
  • “I learned about forgiveness. My favorite things were everything.” -Porsha

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“Camp is just the best place for me.” ~ Devon, Camper



  • T-shirts and shorts
  • Long pants and a sweatshirt
  • Pajamas and underwear
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Pillow (bedding will be provided)
  • Swimsuit & flip-flops (or slides)
  • Sneakers and socks (must have these for field games)
  • Money for gift shop (optional)



  • Cell phones or other valuables
  • Fireworks or knives
  • Cigarettes or non-prescription drugs

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