Free personal or family retreats for Full-Time Ministry Staff!


For those in full-time ministry, YWAM Cross Wind offers free get-aways. Any available hotel unit or Lodge wing is offered at no charge for up to 3 nights, if we are contacted in advance.


This is a great (and inexpensive) option for your pastor! This is separate from a church retreat and does not apply to a staff retreat. If you are pastor or missionary interested in staying at Camp David International for a personal/family retreat please fill out the form below. We do ask for a letter of recommendation from a board member, mentor, or elder/deacon for your retreat request.


Note: If the Dining Room is open for other guests, Ministry Guests are also welcome to join us free of charge for any meals being served during their stay.

Hotel Discount for Pastors & Missionaries


Maybe you aren’t trying to get away for a personal retreat, but you need a few nights stay in a hotel while you take care of other things. We offer our hotel rooms for a 50% discount for up to 7 days for those in ministry. Just fill out this Hotel Reservation Form below.

Imagine being able to pause time. To hit the ‘off switch’ on your everyday life, for just a moment. And catapult yourself into a space where you can just ‘be’. With no distractions. This is what going on retreat is all about. A chance to withdraw and step back from your everyday life and responsibilities. To stop, and be still.