If you prefer to support by check:

Camp David International
P.O. Box 653
Hesston, KS 67062


Monthly Support
While we are grateful for donations in any format, monthly support is essential. Automatic withdrawal for monthly donations are the preferred method for Camp David because it reduces administrative costs and enables a greater percentage of your donation to go directly to the projects where it’s needed most.

Gifts “In honor of” or “In Memory of”

We are glad to receive one-time gifts “In honor of” or “In memory of” loved ones. For these gifts we send a tax-deductible receipt to the donor, and we send the family or individual a special card that names the donor and the loved one for whom the gift was given in memory or honor of.


Memorial Fund

If your loved one had a passion for helping children, or was a supporter of Camp David of the Ozarks, you may want to set up a Memorial Fund, as a continuation of their legacy of giving. If you’re considering a Memorial Gift our goal is to make it easy for you during that difficult time. We will send receipts for tax-deductible donations directly to individual donors, as well as provide donation records to families so they can thank individual donors at their convenience.


Selling a Business or Stocks?

If you are at the place in life where you are selling off a business, stocks, or other assets, you can give significantly more to charities of your choice, and also keep more if you do a little planning before you sell! If you would like to learn more about planned giving contact or call 573-308-0602.

To see our Financials, email Benjamin Smith.

Other Ways to Support

When you give, you can give to a specific need, or support a specific team member, or give to the general fund.


General Fund

All undesignated gifts will go into the General Fund, which helps to pay everything from office expenses to utilities. Monthly supporters are needed to help support the general operating expenses and keep the camp going.


Sponsor A Child (see next page for more info)

Angel Tree Campers are offered free scholarships, which are provided by caring sponsors like you. A sponsor can be an individual, a family, or a Sunday School class. *It is $100 per sponsorship. In August, after camp, sponsors will receive a photo prayer card and a personalized “Thank you” note from their sponsored camper. We ask sponsors to commit to praying for their camper throughout the school year.


Camp Improvements

Cross Wind Camp has many improvements that need to be made over the next years, and we are excited to partner with investors to see restoration and expansion on this campus.


Staff Support

Each staff person that serves at CDI is encouraged to raise missionary support to help off-set the expenses in this non-profit organization. Whether it’s missionary support for the camp director’s family, or support for a summer volunteer, please consider being a part of giving hope by supporting those who are serving God out in the trenches.


*The actual registration cost is $200 per camper, so CDO matches each camper with two sponsors, plus we receive some sponsorship funds from Angel Tree.

“At camp we create an environment where abused and neglected children feel safe having outrageous fun and just being kids.” ~ Ben Smith Founder CDI


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