We provide a compassionate, loving community where families of prisoners can begin to thrive!


Curriculum – Camp David International produces fun theme based curriculum along with quality training videos and coaching for camps serving children of prisoners and foster kids. These materials are created with the unique needs of these children in mind to help them begin to thrive. This curriculum makes starting and running a successful camp much more feasible.


Coaching– Camp David International’s goal is to help others launch camps and programs to serve children of prisoners and their families. With over thirty years of experience collectively CDI provides training and resources to equip others to start camps for children of prisoners in their own communities.


Family Retreats – These special retreats are uniquely designed for moms, grandmothers, and other caregivers who are raising children with a parent in prison. While the kids enjoy their normal camp activities, the moms enjoy breakfast in bed, art class, a spa night, going horseback riding (for most this was their first time on a horse), and group sessions. Moms value being able to process pain and frustrations with a group of women who really understand.


Local Summer Camps – Our summer camp program is uniquely designed to address many of the different challenges children of prisoners face. Activities include team building, crafts, archery, Bible lessons, field games, swimming and many other camp activities. We also run a talk about incarceration and give campers tools to succeed during this challenging time in their lives.


International Camps– We take teams to countries around the world to run camps for children of prisoners partnering with local churches, chaplains, ministries. Although we consider our relationship with the camps to be a life long partnership, our goal is for each international camp to be run on its own by nationals in 2-5 years. In 2021, there were two international camps being run without us.


Jewel Warriors – This program was in 2019 as a part of Camp David of the Ozarks and is currently under Camp David International. This program was birthed out of our mom’s retreats and serves to create a brooder network of women to inspire and encourage the women raising the children we serve. Jewel Warriors includes a weekday email and women’s’ conferences. In 2022 we plan to host our first international Jewel Warriors conference for women affected by incarceration in Uganda.

"I got a glimpse of how much camp teaches these kids when I rode in a van to pick up campers on Monday. Most of the boys in the van had previously attended camp. They were excited and you could tell it. One camper in particular demonstrated a lot of kindness and patience toward the other boys in the van. He held the door when we stopped for a bathroom break and was just very kind. As I observed him throughout the week I got the impression that camp is the place he learned his good manners. It was AWESOME to see the camp experience possibly carrying over into home life." ~ Sarah Storer