When Camp David started in 2003 in Rolla, MO we had ten acres of trees and fields. All the buildings and infrastructure that were built over the next 10 years were the result of hundreds of volunteers and work teams. These heroes built a camp for at-risk children and prisoners’ families.


As we launch Camp David International and the ministries connected with it at Cross Wind Camp and Conference Center we are very excited to partner with work teams to see this beautiful property restored, remodeled and refreshed.


If you have some friends or a group that are interested in helping build and/or care for the camp facilities we would love to talk with you. Below is some information to answer some frequently asked questions. To learn more please call Ben: 573-308-0602 or email:


We have a variety of jobs depending on your skill level. They include constructing buildings, painting, putting up fencing, building benches, spreading mulch, and more. Depending on the project and size of your team you may be asked to raise the funds for the materials for the project.


Food & Housing

We have several housing options that we can offer if you want to come for a week or weekend. We can house over 150 people between the conference center and lodges. We ask that you team be responsible to clean facilities after its use.


We have kitchen facilities for your team to cook their meals, or you can pay for your meals (served buffet style). If you are providing your own meals, you would be responsible to bring your own food and cooks.

““I learned a lot about self esteem. God really helped me see some things about myself that I need to work on. I had some great worship in my heart this week!”-Kendra Sorrell


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