This page is for those who are coming out to help with summer camp in a part-time way such as being a Check-in Nurse, teaching a class, doing maintenance work, helping in the office, or being a store clerk in our General Store.


Since there are various jobs and times that fit into this Part-time Help category, please reach out to Director Grace Smith for further details before applying. We’d love to help find the best place for you to serve with us this Summer.

Day Camp Program


Camp David provides a free Day Camp experience for part-time volunteers or full time staff with children ages 2-12. This includes the children of the cooks, nurse, craft leader, or other part-time volunteers.


Guardians must physically be serving at camp to drop their kids off for the Day Camp Program- otherwise known as the “Green Team.”


The Day Camp Program runs from 9 am to 7 pm each day, and parents must register their children before dropping them off.


Be sure to notify the Day Camp leaders of any allergies, and what your schedule to volunteer is. Children need to be potty trained, or the parents will need to take care of changing diapers as needed (our young leaders are not allowed to change diapers). If you have any questions, contact Director, Grace Smith.

Fill out an application today!!

"I have been working here for a while and being here this week and seeing all of the campers having fun and creating time for each other was God’s way of showing me that even in the hardest times, there is always time to enjoy life and be who God wants you to be." –Shalom Sardis


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